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Brands are living ideas
We create visual identities

In a digitized world, we help our customers to express their vision visually. For this purpose, we create brands that provide a unique selling point and authentically convey the brand message. Starting with the brand name and the brand logo, through the individual media, from the business equipment to the print media and the website to concrete campaigns.

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Only 7 days left: 10% new customer discount
Websites & app design E-commerce and programming

A website today is much more than just a business card and is often decisive for the success or failure of a company. As the first point of contact for potential customers, it creates the first impression.

We finally analyze, design and implement your unique website: starting with the needs analysis up to further support after the launch. From the right choice of a content management system, increasing your visibility through SEO adjustments to marketing on the World Wide Web.

Only 7 days left: 10% new customer discount
Inadequate data protection declarations
can cause problems

Over 30% of the websites in Germany are not data protection compliant.

That means: Inadequate or no data protection measures on your own website. The lawsuit and fines are high. To prevent this, we are at your side with many years of experience in data protection. A competent data protection officer will be happy to answer all questions in detail and prepare a GDPR-compliant data protection declaration for you.

Only 7 days left: 10% new customer discount
Business success is not
It's a matter of chance, it can be planned

Today's transparent buyer market requires very extensive approaches in the area of marketing. Before there can be any notable success, goals must be defined. We at Happy Lemon help you to define these and then develop a marketing concept that captures the marketing goals, the marketing strategies, the operational implementation of the strategies and the success monitoring.

Because every company has one
should be able to afford a professional website

Web design leasing basically works like payment in installments: You give us the order to create an attractive web design for your website. We get to work and design your website. Instead of a one-off amount, you pay the full price for your leased website in cheap rates - the duration of which we determine together.

  • You pay fixed monthly installments over the entire contract period and have a clear planning and cost basis for your calculation!
  • The monthly leasing installments are fully tax deductible in operating expenses!
  • You can react to changing market conditions at any time and do not have to wait until profits allow an investment!
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